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Unwed Couples & Custody

Vancouver Couples Helping Keep You with Your Children

Child custody is a difficult process to conclude in the best of scenarios. The issue only escalates when an unwed couple who share children decide to go their separate ways.

Are you fighting for your right to see your children after a separation from your partner? Let Landerholm Family Law and our Vancouver unwed couple attorneys act as both your legal counsel and your moral support during these uncertain days. It is our priorities to protect your parental rights, keep you with your children, and do what is best for them.

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How Washington Considers Child Custody Without Marriage

Firstly, Washington does not have common law marriage, which means you cannot proclaim yourself married to your partner simply for being and living together for a long time as a family does. Washington does recognize common law marriages formed in other states that do allow this form of marriage, though. Secondly, Washington provides registered domestic partners the same rights of parentage as if they were married. What happens if you are not common law married and not domestic partners?

Unwed mothers gain parentage rights through:

  • Adoption
  • Giving birth

Unwed fathers gain parentage rights through:

  • Adoption
  • Filing a Paternity Acknowledgement
  • Other court action

Protecting a Child’s Best Interests Above All Else

What is most important to realize is that Washington family law courts always act in a way that most benefits any children related to the case. It is entirely possible to not have any established or clear parenting rights due to details of your relationship with your partner but still be able to gain child custody rights due to your healthy relationship with your child. To this end, non-adoptive and non-biological parents may be able to stay with their children, or at least see them through visitation, after separating from their partners.

At Landerholm Family Law, we also do all we can to best take care of your children throughout your family law case. Our attorneys are here to make certain you can keep seeing and caring for your children after an unwed separation.

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