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Portland & Oregon City Offices:

  • Lewis Landerholm

    Founding Partner

    Lewis Landerholm

  • Will M. Jones


    Will M. Jones

  • Heather S. Unger


    Heather S. Unger

  • Lauren Barnhart

    Senior Associate Attorney

    Lauren Barnhart

  • Cambell Boucher

    Associate Attorney

    Cambell Boucher

  • Courtney Bellio

    Associate Attorney

    Courtney Bellio

  • Bentley Clark


    Bentley Clark

  • Joshua Gilchrist


    Joshua Gilchrist

  • Kari Landerholm

    Director, Marketing and Growth

    Kari Landerholm

  • Steve Altishin

    Director, Client Partnerships

    Steve Altishin

  • Elena Konzelman

    Marketing Assistant

    Elena Konzelman

  • Allison Harper

    Certified Legal Intern

    Allison Harper

  • Alyssa Sanders

    Legal Intern

    Alyssa Sanders

  • Alexandria Torrescano

    Client Relations Manager

    Alexandria Torrescano

  • Danielle Crockett

    Legal Assistant

    Danielle Crockett

  • Danielle Tanner

    Executive Assistant

    Danielle Tanner

  • Jennifer Shields

    Intake Specialist

    Jennifer Shields

  • Courtney Stewart

    Intake Specialist

    Photo coming soon

  • Rachel Lara

    Director of First Impressions

    Photo coming soon

Salem Office:

Vancouver Office:

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