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Natalie Thorp, Associate Attorney

Natalie Thorp’s path to family law was not a traditional one, but one that was inspired by personal loss and hardship. Rather than pursue law school because of early aspirations, Natalie was drawn to family law after experiencing a contentious and drawn-out divorce process herself. It was through this experience, in which she lacked adequate representation from her own attorney, that she learned from first-hand experience the value of strong representation, and having an attorney who is educated, compassionate, and capable. Inspired to ensure that other’s don’t have the same difficult divorce process as herself, Natalie purposed to become a family law attorney, where she could then fight for clients the way no one fought for her. According to Natalie, “divorce sucks, divorce attorneys should not!”

Since attending law school, Natalie has become a formidable family law attorney who couples her professional and personal understanding of the divorce process to deliver effective and compassionate legal representation. Natalie understands that her scope of practice is often the only exposure to the law that many individuals will ever encounter, and that it can be a low and stressful point for her clients. For this reason, Natalie appreciates how important it is for these individuals to have an attorney who will genuinely care, fight for their rights, provide hope, and be an active and effective advocate for their case when they feel they cannot.

Outside of practicing family law, you’re likely to find Natalie enjoying Oregon’s renowned beauty from 10,000 feet in the air. A co-owner of Pacific Northwest Skydiving Center in Mulino, Oregon, Natalie considers skydiving her life passion, and primary focus outside of her work and family. Originally from Redding, CA, Natalie has lived in Portland since 1997, and says that Oregon’s beautiful and impressive display of colors during the changing seasons are what she most appreciates about her home.

When asked who Natalie most admires, her husband comes to mind. A partner who values kindness, he often states, “I want to be proud of who I am and how I treated everyone at the end of my life.” According to Natalie, this is an ideal in which she strives for every day—for her family, for her clients, and for her community.

Bar Admission

  • Oregon


  • Washington State University, BS in Psychology, Minor in Women’s Studies
  • Lewis and Clark, JD
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