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Prenuptial agreements were once considered an unromantic gesture of bad faith in a relationship, though people have long since realized their importance for couples of all financial backgrounds. While no one enters into marriage anticipating an eventual divorce, it is important for all couples to take a pragmatic look at their futures to prevent the worst-case scenario from coming to life. Our Vancouver prenuptial agreement lawyers of Landerholm Family Law will ensure you and your future spouse are mutually satisfied with the terms of your agreement so neither party feels shortchanged.

Prenuptial agreements are the subject of countless misconceptions, the primary one being they are only a necessity for the ultra-wealthy members of society. For those who believe these agreements are solely for the rich and famous, this simply isn’t the case. The following are scenarios that may require a prenuptial agreement, including but not limited to:

  • Either party has children from a previous relationship
  • Either party has been married before
  • Either party earns far more than the other
  • Either party owns a business
  • Either party has debt
  • Either party is expecting to receive an inheritance

Safeguarding you and your loved one’s future is not indicative of a negative implication of the relationship. It is a sign of maturity that will ensure you enter this union with invaluable peace of mind for the rest of your lives.

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Arranging a backup plan does not insinuate you believe your marriage is destined to fail. At Landerholm Family Law, we understand how delicate and complex these matters can be, especially for a couple who hopes their backup plan isn't necessary. Our Vancouver legal team will confirm you and your partner are as comfortable as possible with this process because we truly believe in securing your future as effectively as possible.

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