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Vancouver Military Divorce Attorneys

Reaching a Fair Resolution for Military Families in Vancouver

Military families face unique challenges. From moving between various states and sometimes different countries to dealing with childcare issues when one or more parents are deployed for duty in active combat zones, the military life can be tumultuous for family members. These circumstances can complicate matters such as child and spousal support issues as well as child custody concerns. It is not uncommon for marriages involving a member of the military to crumble as a result.

If you are going through a divorce involving a military service member, you should obtain the professional legal counsel of a Vancouver military divorce attorney. At Landerholm Family Law, we focus our practice on family law issues, including divorces where one or more spouses is a member of the U.S. armed forces. We have the necessary training and knowledge to help make sure you and your family’s best interests or properly considered during divorce proceedings involving someone from the military.

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Comprehensive Legal Representation

When one or more parties to a divorce is a military service member, finding a just legal resolution to issues can be more challenging than civilian divorces.

A spouse’s status as an active duty or reserve member of the armed forces can affect various family law issues, including:

  • Applicable state laws – for many military families, one of the threshold issues in a divorce involves figuring out which state they should file for divorce. This issue is further complicated in situations where a spouse is currently serving abroad.
  • Child support determinations – obligations regarding child support turn on the laws of each state. We can help you clarify child support obligations pending divorce and upon final judgment of the dissolution of your marriage.
  • Child visitation and parental responsibilities – custody, visitation, and shared parental responsibilities are difficult to hash out where one parent is a member of the military. Frequent relocations and deployments can make sticking to a set custody and visitation arrangement tricky.
  • Retirement – property division issues are governed by state law. For many jurisdictions, there are special rules regarding the distribution of property rights regarding military benefits.

Quality Legal Advocacy from Landerholm Family Law

At Landerholm Family Law, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of our dedicated Vancouver military divorce attorneys. We provide families with comprehensive legal services based on our unique approach to attorney-client relationships. We strive to form a strong, working relationship with clients, so we are in a better position to understand and advocate for their rights. Our legal team places a premium on finding a mutually beneficial resolution to matters like military divorces. However, if the circumstances indicate that reaching a compromise may be futile, we are prepared to zealously fight for you and your family’s best interests using whatever legal means are available.

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