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Infidelity & Dating During Divorce

Helping Families in Vancouver Affected by Infidelity & Divorce

Extramarital relationships are a sensitive subject for marriages and families. When one party spends years hiding extramarital relationships, it can cause a rift between the spouses that is often impossible to mend. Although some couples are eager to move forward with their lives, dating during divorce can unnecessarily complicate matters pending the official dissolution of the parties’ marriage.

If your divorce proceedings involve either infidelity or some other degree of extramarital relations, you should seek the sound legal counsel of a Vancouver divorce attorney with experience handling the dissolution of marriage proceedings involving infidelity and dating. At Landerholm Family Law, we have provided families in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington with quality and sound legal advice regarding divorce proceedings and other family law issues.

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The Impact of Infidelity & Divorce

Under Washington law, the parties need not demonstrate fault-based grounds in order to initiate dissolution of marriage proceedings. Although Washington is considered to be a “no-fault divorce state,” that doesn’t mean infidelity has no meaningful impact on how a divorce proceeding is treated. Under Washington Law, spouses still owe common law duties to each other. When these marital duties are breached, a court may consider infidelity when reaching a judgment as to property division, spousal support, and custody issues.

How Dating Affects the Divorce Process

Depending on the circumstances of a divorce, the legal process for dissolving your marriage can take several months to several years. While you and your spouse are separated and divorce proceedings are pending, you are allowed to date others. However, the consequences of dating someone while divorce proceedings are pending can vary depending on the specific facts of your situation.

While dating can benefit certain issues, like determining the date of separation for purposes of assessing the separate property character of certain assets, it can help complicated others. Our legal team at Landerholm Family Law can help you understand the legal implications of resuming your love life while your divorce is pending. We will also advise you on how to take a strategic approach to dating that does not excessively interfere with legal proceedings.

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At Landerholm Family Law, we strive to find a reasonable resolution to the legal issues placed before you and your family. We understand the importance of preserving a stable and healthy relationship between members of a family when issues such as divorce occur. That is why we are dedicated to finding appropriate legal solutions to maximize the benefit of all interested parties. However, when such a compromise is not feasible, we are committed to advancing the best interests of you and your family to the full extent provided by law.

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