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Family is a significant part of modern human civilization. The foremost legal minds of our county have recognized the importance of family in American society. Even our federal tax system is designed to incentivize people to start families by getting married and having children.

As a result, many of the legal issues that touch on a person’s ability to develop and cultivate a family and maintain familial relationships can be complicated. From marriage and divorce to child custody and adoption, family law issues have the potential to reach everyone from all walks of life. That’s why you should seek out the advice of a professional legal advocate should you ever encounter a family law matter.

At Landerholm Family Law, we can appreciate the emotional gravity and stress that comes with confronting family issues, especially when those issues imply significant legal consequences. That is why go the extra mile to not only provide our clients with award-winning legal representation but also foster a lasting relationship with them to make sure their interests have a strong advocate for years to come.

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Every state has a specific set of rules and laws that fall under the umbrella of “family law” practice. The domestic relations code under Title 11 of the state statutes articulates much of Oregon's family laws. Oregon’s domestic relations code has hundreds of provision that touch on marriage, divorce, parental rights, children’s rights, and more.

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At Landerholm Family Law, we have years of valuable experience handling all types of family law issues. From divorce to adoptions and child custody matters, we are committed to making sure the interests of Salem families are served by the law, rather than burdened. If your family law issue is fundamentally adversarial in nature, such as in a divorce, we will make sure your interests have a proper advocate. Moreover, you can benefit from our Aftercare program which was established to ensure we can be prepared for any future legal issues that may affect you and your family.

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At our family law firm, we understand the importance of taking an individualized approach to working with clients. Our goal is to give our clients stability and confidence during a difficult time of their lives. From start to finish, we can provide the personalized counsel you deserve.

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