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Surrogacy has allowed families who could previously not grow due to infertility and other medical conditions find an advanced, scientific way to have children. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is another incredible breakthrough in fertilization processes that has allowed people to become parents when it was previously not possible. However, both surrogacy and IVF are heavily regulated processes. Not knowing the legal steps could delay the growth of your family.

Landerholm Family Law and our Salem surrogacy attorneys are passionate about helping people navigate surrogacy and IVF laws. We have legal experience handling some of the most complex family law cases on the books. On top of our impressive insight, we are also genuinely compassionate and interested in the wellbeing of our clients — exactly as you would expect a surrogacy law attorney to be.

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How We Help with Surrogacy & IVF Cases

Surrogacy and IVF are medical processes each regulated by numerous contracts and laws. While you might feel like you have already planned your surrogate pregnancy thoroughly, even taking the time to get to know the chosen surrogate mother, but you could still hit a legal roadblock. Allow us to be the surrogacy attorneys in Salem who help you overcome those obstacles with as little delay and stress as possible.

Some matters of surrogacy and IVF cases to consider are:

  • Donation contracts
  • Legal pleadings
  • Judgments of parentage

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