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While every divorce is a challenge, military divorces present unique difficulties which can interrupt and complicate the process for all involved. These issues are not simply annoying hindrances, they are necessary to address before either party can expect to successfully reach a resolution. Without an excellent Salem military divorce attorney on your side such as ours at Landerholm Family Law, it is unlikely you will come out of your marriage in an optimal position.

The following are common complexities exclusive to military divorce, including but not limited to:

  • Location – Due to one spouse often being overseas or out-of-state, it is important you file for divorce in the correct place. You must file for divorce in either the state of either party’s permanent residence.
  • Child support and visitation – Visitation is obviously a challenge when one parent is deployed. Putting these terms down on paper and figuring out a healthy balance between both parents is vital. Military members must pay child support and face extreme consequences if they don’t, making support less of an issue of concern.
  • Benefits – Military benefits and retirement are divisible to ex-spouses, though determining the calculation varies from case to case. Married servicemembers with dependents are often entitled to additional pay in order to provide support for their children and ex-spouse.

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