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Anyone with any kind of assets whatsoever, no matter how small or large, needs a trust. Trusts can range from incredibly standard and simple to quite complex, and they are agreements comprised of three involved parties: the trust-maker, the trustee or trust manager, and the beneficiary. Sometimes, just probating a will is not enough to protect all you own in the event of your passing.

Trusts allow you to avoid probate court, meaning the assets can be immediately passed on to a beneficiary upon the trust-maker’s death. Depending on your particular financial situation, trusts can provide a number of uses and advantages, such as protecting your property from creditors, as well as other tax benefits. Our Portland probate attorneys can help create a trust plan you will be more than satisfied with, so you can rest assured your assets and property will be taken care of in the future.

Once you have created a trust, you will have the option to do the following:

  • Amend the trust or modify the terms
  • Sell of refinance any property owned by the trust
  • Revoke the trust

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