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Portland Beneficiary Representation

Helping Heirs Retain Estate Assets

Beneficiary representation is the process of hiring an attorney to protect beneficiary rights to an estate and/or trust of a recently deceased family member. Sometimes the grief resulting from the death of a loved one and the greed of other family members can create tense dynamics within a family unit. At Landerholm Family Law, our beneficiary representation attorneys will aggressively advocate for your best interests. We will fight for your portion of estate assets and help you seek the best possible outcome to the situation.

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If you are a named beneficiary whose rights are challenged or you are feeling overwhelmed by the probate process, our attorneys are here to take away the legal burden. We have extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning and know the correct steps to take to protect your share of the estate.

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If you were named as the beneficiary to an estate of a loved one who has passed away, it's important to protect your rights. We understand the emotional toll this situation can have on family members of the deceased and will not only ease the process, but strongly advocate for your best interests.

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