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Asset Protection Planning Attorneys in Portland

Helping Our Clients Establish a Goal For Their Property

At Landerholm Family Law, our Portland attorneys understand the importance of creating a strong plan for protecting assets. We are prepared to walk you through this process and use our legal skills to help you safeguard your property. This form of estate planning can be utilized by either individuals or businesses as a means of ensuring assets won't end up in the hands of creditors.

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It's important to create a protection plan for your assets while times are good, rather than waiting for a problem to arise that requires you to do so. While there are professions that warrant the need for assets protection over others, this precautionary step can be utilized by any person who has assets they would like to protect from legal actions such as a lawsuit or debt collection.

How Asset Protection Planning Works

Strategies for asset protection are as unique as the people seeking them. Depending on your situation, you may wish to utilize one or multiple strategies to ensure the protection of your property. Whether you are a business owner, landlord, or an individual who wishes to protect their assets from property division. Landerholm Family Law can help you create the best plan for your lifestyle.

Some of the most common asset protection plans are:

  1. Creating a Business Entity: A properly created separate business entity can help shield assets from any potential business liabilities. Our firm can help you with the necessary legal language and process to complete this plan.
  2. Establishing an Irrevocable Trust: This type of trust cannot be altered or revoked once it is established. We will help you establish a clear trust that will effectively serve it's purpose whether you are trying to protect assets for beneficiaries, your business, or both.

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At Landerholm Family Law our Portland attorneys can help you create a solid plan for asset protection. We treat every case we take with equal care and importance and will always advocate for your best interests.

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