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Judge modifying court orderThe Portland modification lawyers at Landerholm Family Law, represent individuals facing marriage dissolution and other family law issues in Oregon. As time passes, your family's needs and resources will change. Perhaps the agreements made during a divorce no longer address the needs and schedules of the children. Maybe a change in employment has significantly altered a parent's income.

If that's the case, a post-decree modification might be in order for you. The team at Landerholm Family Law can help you with this process.

If you need help modifying your divorce orders, call Landerholm Family Law at (888) 981-9511 for a consultation.

How Are Divorce Orders Modified?

Regardless of the reasons, most modifications to a court order are a simple process when both parties agree. However, if an agreement cannot be reached or if there are concerns about the welfare of the children, then it becomes more complicated to modify court orders.

The process for various issues may look like this:

  • Child custody - If both parents agree to the change, this is a relatively quick and painless process. However, legally disputing custody is complicated. The court will change a custody ruling only if a substantial change in circumstances in the custodial parent's ability to care for the child.
  • Joint custody - A common misconception about joint custody is the idea that a judge can order the arrangement. In Oregon, this is not an option. Joint custody can only be negotiated outside of court. If both parties agreed to joint custody and there has been a change in circumstance, then it is possible to revisit the custody arrangements and argue for sole custody.
  • Parenting time - Parenting time is modified according to the best interests of the child. However, this is one court order that is expected to change over time. The process is straightforward when both parties agree. If there is a dispute, then it will require presenting an argument and evidence before the court.
  • Spousal support - Modifications to spousal support are considered only when a significant and unanticipated change in finances has occurred.
  • Child support - Child support may be modified either through the Child Support Program directly or through a court process. There are reasons to use one process over the other. Our attorneys can help you through either process if a change in your financial situation has occurred such that your child support should increase or decrease.

We are prepared to provide clear and direct legal counsel about the most effective and efficient ways to meet your goals. If both parties agree to the modifications, our team can handle all of the necessary documentation. If necessary, we can also represent your best interests in court.

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