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A significant issue in divorce cases—or between separated but unmarried parents—involves the division of parental rights and responsibilities regarding the care and custody of minor children. Oftentimes, child custody matters can be fraught with intense emotional conflict between the parties. Such conflict can have a deleterious effect on young children. As a result, Oregon law regarding child custody aims to minimize the negative impact a divorce or unmarried separation may have on a child.

Under Oregon law, issues regarding child custody must be resolved according to the best interests of the minor child. To get a comprehensive understanding of the nature and extent of your rights and obligations as a parent, you should reach out to one of our compassionate child custody attorneys in Eugene for legal counsel.

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Custody Issues in Oregon

Although no custody issue is identical to another, custody arrangements generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Legal custody: A parent with legal custody has the right to make educational, financial, or medical decisions for the child.
  • Parenting time: A parent’s right to reside with their child.
  • Sole custody or parenting time: A parent with sole legal custody can make important decisions for their child without the input of the other parent. When parents share legal custody, they must both be involved in the decision-making process.
  • Joint custody or parenting time: Parents may both have equal time living physical with their child.

When determining what type of custody arrangement to award in a custody case, courts are required to consider factors regarding the best interests of the child—whether the arrangement involves awarding custody solely to one parent, or requiring the parents to share custody jointly.

When making a custody decision, courts often consider the following factors:

  • Emotional ties between the child and other relatives
  • The parties’ respective interests regarding the child
  • The desirability of continuing an existing relationship with either parent
  • History of abuse within the family home, especially as it pertains to abusive behavior in either parent
  • The child’s preference as to who should be their primary caregiver
  • The willingness of each parent to maintain a relationship between their child and the other parent

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The law has an interest in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of children in matters involving divorce. As a result, Oregon law requires courts to account for the specific circumstances of each case when assessing the best interests of any children involved. To comply with the law—and to protect your rights as a parent—you should consult an experienced attorney from Landerholm Family Law.

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