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Associate Attorney, Aurora Levinson, Published in Multnomah Lawyer

undefinedThis month, Landerholm Family Law's Associate Attorney, Aurora Levinson, was featured in the February issue of Multnomah Lawyer, where she spoke about her experience as a certified interpreter, and gave advice to local attorneys on how to best work with an interpreter during a legal case. Being fluent in both Spanish and English, Aurora has had the unique ability as an interpreter to serve as a bridge between two languages, while helping to ensure that every Spanish-speaking individual in our community gets the legal counsel they need, without any concerns of important facts or opinions being lost in translation.

Of her experience as an interpreter, Aurora said: "I used to be an interpreter, and I loved it. Interpreting is a meticulous, multi-layered art form that is difficult to master. It involves not only the ability to speak two different languages back-to-back, but also conveying the correct words, tone, affect, and purpose. Interpreting is an involved and exhausting process, and one that attorneys do not necessarily understand."

Aurora states that, according to the Oregon Judicial Department, about 10% of people in Multnomah County are Limited English Speakers (LEP), showing that there is a need for certified and professional interpreters who are able to assist both client and attorney in working together to obtain favorable legal outcomes.

Aurora has helped our firm spearhead the movement to be able to offer legal counsel to all Spanish-speaking individuals throughout Oregon who are in need of family law help. From the time a prospective client calls our office, we want to ensure that they feel heard, understood, and confident in our firm's ability to represent their family to the very best of our abilities. With Aurora's help, we are now able to offer our legal services to all Spanish-speaking clients without the need for an interpreter-- from the time they call our office to the day that their case is closed, they can rely on our office to offer the same level of clear communication, as well as resources, as one might receive in English.

Our firm is so proud to witness all that Aurora has done for the community as a certified interpreter, and continues to do as bilingual family law attorney. We are grateful to have such a dynamic and compassionate attorney on our team, who chooses to share her knowledge with the legal community. Keep an eye out for Aurora's article in the Multnomah Lawyer this month!