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Steven Leskin, Senior Associate Attorney

If you were to ask Steven Leskin what drew him to pursue family law, he would likely credit his career choice to the opportunity it allows him to help make very real, tangible, and immediate positive changes in a person’s life. It’s this desire to help clients move towards the light of what can sometimes be a very long, dark tunnel, that has allowed Steven to have a long, successful, and lucrative career as a family law attorney for nearly 30 years.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Steven moved to Portland, Oregon in 1989 to attend law school at Lewis and Clark. Originally interested in law because of the doors it would open in the business and corporate world, Steven soon realized that he had an aptitude for practicing law as an attorney.

Over the years, Steven has pursued a myriad of professional and legal business ventures, ranging from managing commercial ports, researching and initiating the creation of economic development projects, co-founding DeNovo Decisions company, and most notably, starting his own law firm from 1992-2015, and practicing as a municipal judge for the cities of North Plans and Banks from 2003-2008.

Steven has years of experience litigating tort, family law, and criminal cases in state courts, and is a fierce and immensely knowledgeable legal advocate for clients who are looking to turn a new a new leaf in life and move toward a healthier future. Steven believes in the value and importance of treating every individual who enters his life, whether professionally or personally, with respect and dignity by simple virtue of shared humanity. A quote that resonates deeply with Steven is one from Martin Luther King, Jr., in which he states, “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

When he’s not practicing law, Steven enjoys biking, playing racquetball, sailing, yoga, photography, hiking, and snowshoeing when the weather allows. He practices computer coding in his free time, and has a pointed interest in the entrepreneurial community in Portland. One of the simple pleasures in life that Steven most appreciates is taking a long nap on a warm summer’s day with all the windows open.

Bar Admissions

  • Oregon


  • Pitzer College, BA in Philosophy, 1984
  • Lewis and Clark, JD, 1992
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