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Due to the sensitive nature of family law cases, you need to make certain your chosen family law attorney will be able to manage things with both professionalism and compassion. Here at Landerholm Family Law in Vancouver, we pride ourselves on being able to achieve positive case results for our clients without ever losing sight of what is the most important part of a case: our clients’ comfort and satisfaction. Using our unique Client Match Program, we take the time to pair you with an attorney who is best prepared to move your case forward. We also have an aftercare program that includes free annual consultations to discuss any new concerns after your case is concluded.

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Practice Areas Related to Family Law

When there is a legal concern that involves your family, it will likely include one or more aspects of family laws and regulations. Federal, provincial, and local municipality laws can all impact the family law rules that govern your case. Rather than trying to get through all the fine details on your own, let Landerholm Family Law in Vancouver manage your case on your behalf.

Allow us to handle your case, which can include the following practice areas and more:

  • Adoptions: Grow your family through adoption processes, including independent, childhood, and adult adoptions.
  • Annulment: A form of marriage dissolution that renders the married null and void, almost as if it never happened in the first place.
  • Child custody: Deciding which parent of divorce or separation should be the sole or primary custodian of your children. Child custody cases often involve heated arguments and strong points of contention, so you should proceed carefully with the help of our Vancouver child custody lawyers.
  • Child support: Taking care of a child after divorce when you were not the “breadwinner” in your marriage can be difficult and detrimental to your child’s happiness. Child support arrangements can be made to provide monthly financial benefits to the ex-spouse of lesser income, paid by the other.
  • Divorce: Ending your marriage can be stressful, but teaming up with our Vancouver divorce lawyers makes it more manageable. We will protect your best interests from start to finish.
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders: We help people protect themselves from domestic violence by filing for restraining orders. Remember: if you are in immediate danger of harm, please call 911. Please do not do anything that jeopardizes your health or wellbeing.
  • Enforcement: When an ex-spouse does not follow the arrangements of your divorce decree, a family law court can be called upon to enforce them. Usual enforcement methods include removal of parenting rights or fines.
  • Modifications: Is your divorce decree no longer working well for you, so much so that you feel undue hardship trying to keep up? Talk to our Vancouver family lawyers about how to petition for a modification.
  • Prenuptial agreements: You can decide a few aspects of divorce before you ever get married, just in case, with a prenuptial agreement.
  • Property division: Who gets what property after your divorce is settled in property division, or property distribution. Make sure you get your fair share by teaming up with Landerholm Family Law.
  • Relocations: Need to move away after divorce but share child custody? Relocation cases involve negotiations with your spouse and/or the court to do so.
  • Spousal support: Divorce is not meant to put anyone into undue hardship, but it can happen if one spouse does not make enough income to support themselves. Spousal support is arranged to help the spouse of lesser income stay financially afloat for a predetermined amount of time after the divorce ends.
  • Visitation: A divorced parent who does not win child custody rights may still be able to see their children through visitation and parenting time arrangements.

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