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Surrogates offers potential parents the opportunity to expand their family when they are otherwise unable to do so. Due to advances in medicine and science, surrogacy has become more common and more accessible to families and birth mothers throughout the country. Despite the rise in births through surrogacy, laws in Washington State have not been able to keep up. This is why it is vital to thoroughly define the responsibilities of both the future parents and the surrogate mother with comprehensive surrogacy contracts.

Our Vancouver surrogacy lawyers at Pacific Cascade Family Law have the experience you need during this process. We offer compassionate and professional service for your family-to-be throughout emotional legal matters.

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Surrogacy Contracts

Even when parents believe their surrogacy-assisted pregnancy will be uncomplicated, complicated contracts and legal documents are still necessary. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The surrogacy contract between the future parents and the surrogate mother
  • A sperm, egg, and/or embryo donation contract
  • The judgment confirming parentage

At Pacific Cascade Family Law, our top priority is to protect you and your family’s best interest. We work efficiently so there are minimal delays in progressing through your surrogacy or IVF with the peace of mind that you have a trust legal team on your side.

In Vitro Fertilization in Washington State

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is an increasingly popular mode of assisted reproductive technology among local families. Although amazing medical advances have allowed more people to become parents through IVF, the process does come with a few legal concerns.

Our Vancouver IVF attorneys can help you with matters related to:

  • Legal steps to take before IVF
  • Legal steps to take after IVF
  • Parental rights issues
  • Sperm or egg donor agreements
  • Legal issues for LGBTQ parents
  • Co-parenting agreements
  • Parenting orders
  • Parenthood arrangements in light of the Family Law Act

IVF can be one of the is one of the most financially and emotionally exhausting experiences a family will endure, and it is vital you have an experienced Vancouver IVF attorney on your side throughout the process. IVF is a medical arrangement and having a legal guide who is well-versed on assisted reproductive law can help you expand your family without additional legal obstacles.

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Our firm is dedicated to advocating on behalf of clients while finding efficient and effective legal solutions. Surrogacy and IVF-related legal issues are complicated, but out attorneys have the resources, skills, and determination to help. If you are considering growing your family through assisted reproductive measures, trust Pacific Cascade Family Law.

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