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Quality Advice & Advocacy for Independent Adoptions in Vancouver

Adopting a child is an act of significant compassion. The adopting family has an opportunity to expand their family to a child who may be in need of a place where they can belong. The adoption process can be complex, depending on the relevant circumstances. Sometimes the adoption process can be complicated by the fact that one or more of the child’s parents are still alive and has parental rights.

At Landerholm Family law, our compassionate team of Vancouver adoption attorneys is prepared to use their skills and experience to ensure a smooth adoption process for families throughout Washington. We are dedicated to providing you with legal advice and advocacy you can depend on so your efforts to extend your family’s love and protection to others can occur with minimal obstacles.

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Comprehensive Legal Representation for Adoptions

When a parent selects a family with which they agree to place their child without using an intermediary agency or the U.S. Department of Human Services, it is considered to be an “independent adoption.” The majority of adoption cases in the United States are independent adoptions.

In many cases, someone adopts their step-child if one of their parents had passed away. A stepparent may adopt the biological child of their spouse if the other parent’s parental rights have been terminated. Even if the other parent is still alive, a step-parent may use the independent adoption process if the other parent’s rights may be terminated.

Our legal team can advise you on issues relevant to Washington adoptions, including:

  • Payments for pregnancy costs
  • Medical and legal expenses
  • Federal Adoption Tax Credit documents
  • Help for birth parents seeking adoptive households
  • Continuing contact agreements
  • Legal issues involving the Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Legal matters regarding the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

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At Landerholm Family Law, we are committed to reinforcing our legal services by fostering a strong attorney-client relationship. From our experience, family law issues aren’t necessarily resolved when the court issues a final judgment. For many family law issues, the parties will have to revisit a matter after years pass. As a result, we emphasize the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with our clients so we can help them for years to come.

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