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When minor children are caught up in a divorce, either the parents or the court will determine the future shape of the parent-child relationship. Whether that relationship derives from both parents sharing joint custody or one parent exercising primary (or “sole”) custody over their child, these issues are often one of the most hotly contested parts of a divorce. The details of a plan regarding parenting time and visitation can stand in the way of a parent’s desire to teach their child about basketball, how to play piano, go on a cross-country road trip, or travel overseas. Furthermore, parenting time and visitation plans can affect the child’s holiday experience and the associations and memories they form with as a result.

Most parents will agree that every moment they spend with their children is a precious blessing, while every moment spent apart from them is a painful blow. At Landerholm Family Law, we know how important a parenting time and visitation plan is for divorced parents. That is why we are dedicated to helping you work towards a mutual settlement with your former spouse regarding the details of that plan, to maximize the moments and memories you share with your child.

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Legal Issues Involving Parenting Time & Visitation

Like custody determinations, parents have the opportunity to take full control of a parenting time and visitation plan. However, when parents cannot reach a mutual understanding about this plan, the court will intervene and determine the basics of a parenting time and visitation plan based on the child’s best interests.

That is why it is important for parties to take advantage of the opportunity to cooperatively and – more importantly – autonomously craft a parenting plan with the latitude to address each party’s expectations, and the flexibility to accommodate future possibilities. Remember, once a court makes a decision on the issue, it becomes a legally enforceable court order.

Modifying Existing Plans

Even if the court establishes a parenting time and visitation plan for the parties, they still have an opportunity to modify its terms. However, the legal process for modifying the court’s orders can be difficult and expensive.

Circumstances that justify modifying a parenting plan include:

  • A parent’s decision to move to a different area
  • The child’s natural development and change in interests and schedule
  • Changes in a parent’s work schedule

As your children grow up, their ideas regarding the sufficiency of an existing parenting plan can carry substantial weight, As a result, the court may take the child’s input into account when deciding whether a parenting plan should be modified or not.

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At Landerholm Family Law, we deeply appreciate the significance and benefit of a well-crafted parenting plan. We have the experience and sophisticated understanding of Oregon family law to provide you with valuable legal insight on drawing out your parenting plan in a way that avoids intervention by the court. We urge you to try and work together with your former spouse to ensure both your relationships with your children are in your own hands.

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