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When a couple decides to legally dissolve their marriage, and one or more minor children are involved, determining the parental rights of the parties often becomes an intense and sometimes aggressive point of contention during the divorce process. Oregon’s laws regarding child custody issues pending a divorce recognize how disruptive divorce can have on a child’s wellbeing. That is why matters of child custody revolve around a central point: the best interests of minor children.

At Landerholm Family Law, we have the experience and sophisticated understanding of Oregon law to make sure your parental rights are given due recognition and respect. Our skilled attorneys can guide you through every facet of the legal process to ensure decisions and negotiations reflect your priorities regarding the care and well-being of your child or children.

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Protecting the Best Interest of Your Children

  • Under Section 107.137 of Oregon’s statutes, when it comes to determining custody of a minor child, the court must evaluate the following factors as they relate to the child’s best interests:
  • Emotional ties between the child and other relatives
  • The parties’ respective interests regarding the child
  • The “desirability of continuing an existing relationship”
  • History of abuse between the child’s parents
  • The child’s preference as to who should be their primary caregiver
  • The “willingness and ability of each parent to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing relationship between the other parent and the child”

Given the importance child custody issues hold in many divorces, it is not unusual for proceedings regarding custody to take a long time. At Landerholm Family Law, we are committed to keeping you apprised of any significant issues that arise during the course of litigating matters of child custody.

In general, we are prepared to discuss the following important points:

  • The difference between legal custody – where the parent is entitled to make educational, financial, and medical decisions for the child – and parenting time – where the court determines with which parent a child primary resides
  • How custody determinations affect child support obligations and rights
  • How to maximize the benefits of parenting plans and parenting time schedules
  • The efficacy and appropriateness of sharing joint custody with the other parent

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If you are going through a divorce, it can be challenging to juggle transitioning into single life, accommodating the court’s schedule for divorce proceedings, and preparing for court appearances and legal matters – all at the same time. Thankfully, you don’t have to tackle these issues alone. At Landerholm Family Law, we are here to make sure you and your child’s legal interests are well served. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized legal counsel and representation that brings out the human element to the forefront of issues in your case.

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