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If a close relative of yours or other loved one recently passed away, there’s a decent chance that the property and wealth they left behind will be subject to probate proceedings. Probate is a judicial proceeding for administering the wealth and debt the decedent left behind when they died. Furthermore, you might be named as the personal representative of their estate, requiring you to administer their assets and liabilities among beneficiaries and creditors.

Whether you are merely a beneficiary to someone’s testamentary estate or were named as a personal representative for probate administration, Landerholm Family Law is here to help. We take a compassionate approach to legal representation that focuses on establishing and fostering a relationship with our clients based on trust, integrity, and respect. As a result, deliver personalized legal advocacy that accounts for your individual's needs becomes natural.

If you have found yourself in a protracted legal dispute arising from probate matters, call Landerholm Family Law’s Salem office at (888) 981-9511 today.

What Happens In Probate?

Probate proceedings determine the respective rights of the parties regarding part or the entirety of a deceased individual’s testamentary estate. During probate, courts will show substantial deference to the decedent’s last will and testament – a legal document that represents the final wishes of the decedent as to how they want their estate distributed. The decedent’s estate can include real estate, personal belongings, business interests, financial investments, retirement benefits, and money.

Probate is necessary to resolve issues regarding:

  • Title to land
  • Substantial bank accounts
  • Financial instruments (e.g., stocks and bonds)
  • Addressing debts the deceased individual incurred
  • Resolving disputes between beneficiaries

What Is Small Estate Administration?

Oregon law established an expedited probate procedure for estates with a total personal property valuation of $75,000 or less and a total real estate value of $200,000 or less. Qualifying estates do not require conventional probate procedures. Instead, the deceased’s successors in interest can fill out a form known as a “small estate affidavit.”

Our Probate Attorneys at Landerholm Family Law Are In Your Corner

At Landerholm Family Law, our legal team is dedicated to advocating for your rights and interests. As an established family law practice in Oregon, we can appreciate the sensitive nature of cases such as probate. With a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of applicable laws, you can benefit from the quality and effective legal representation for which our firm has developed a reputation.

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