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Do you know what will happen with your assets and your loved ones after you pass away or become incapacitated? Not having that answer can be worrying. With the help of Landerholm Family Law in Salem, you can start addressing the question and preparing for the future thanks to our highly experienced estate planning attorneys and probate lawyers.

We are the top name in Salem for truly compassionate legal representation. Every client who comes to our law firm is seen as a friend in need of guidance, not a case number. With our unique approach to casework that revolves around your needs and goals, you can be confident that you have found the right law firm for your estate planning or probate case.

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Estate Planning Practice Areas We Can Handle

  • Wills: One of the most common estate planning tools is the will, or last will and testament in some contexts. By drafting a will, you can plan your final wishes that should be carried out after you pass away. The focus of most wills is deciding who will inherit what parts of your estate.
  • Trusts: Another common estate planning tool that is often paired with a will is a trust. In a trust, you can arrange for your final medical care after you become incapacitated, either by age, illness, or disease. You may also be able to transfer many of your assets to named beneficiaries immediately upon your passing, which can avoid or minimize probate.
  • Probate: Interpreting, settling, and following the will of a decedent is a legal process known as probate. Most wills must go through probate for some sort of review. However, with legal preparation and the assistance of an estate planning attorney from our Salem law firm, you can reduce the time a will stays in probate, saving everyone time and energy.

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Not having an estate plan can be a precarious prospect, especially if you have significant assets, own a building, or have dependents, like your children. Do not risk future complications by delaying your estate plan. Get our Salem estate planning lawyers on your case and acting as your guides right away.

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