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Infidelity & Dating During Divorce

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Infidelity is one of the most controversial and emotional topics between couples, especially those going through a divorce. People’s definition of infidelity varies, and this gray area can lead to inconsistencies and confusion when it comes to dating someone new before your divorce is finalized. Our Salem divorce lawyers of Landerholm Family Law have seen many successful cases go to the wayside when one party starts dating someone else before the divorce is settled.

Whether or not the new relationship begins after the couple’s separation often makes no difference, as the other party will almost always feel resentful about the situation. Sometimes divorce can drag on and last longer than the marriage itself--which prompts the question, how long can I be expected to wait before I can start seeking companionship again? Despite your inclinations to be social with the opposite sex and start a new relationship, we at Landerholm Family Law highly advise against doing this. Avoiding this bitterness is advised not only to ensure your ex does not take his or her anger out on you but to make your divorce process far more seamless overall.

The state of Oregon does not consider fault in determining a divorce settlement, which means you do not have to disclose the reason for choosing to end the marriage. However, once a judge learns of the infidelity, he or she may consider this fact before awarding spousal support to the offending party. You must also consider how this may affect custody agreements if you share children with your ex, as they may argue against allowing the children to be around any new partners.

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