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Salem Juvenile Delinquency Lawyers

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Minors convicted of juvenile delinquency in Oregon can receive various penalties ranging from probation to admittance into a youth correctional facility.

If your child is accused of violating a criminal statute, being adjudicated of offenses could negatively impact their life. Our experienced Salem juvenile delinquency lawyers will advocate for you and your child, helping you pursue an ideal outcome in your case.

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Who Refers Minors to Juvenile Court?

In Oregon, each County has its own juvenile intake department. Minors accused of committing a criminal offense can be referred to juvenile department intakes from various organizations and individuals, including law enforcement officers, school authorities, parents, child welfare agencies, or their own parents.

After a minor is initially taken in by a juvenile intake department, one of the following will happen:

  • For minor offenses, the minor may simply receive a warning and need to sign an accountability agreement not to participate in such behavior again before being released. If your child is offered an accountability agreement, they can speak with an attorney before signing to ensure that it’s in their best interests.
  • For more major offenses, the juvenile department will submit a formal petition to a juvenile court asking for a trial, initiating the next step of a juvenile delinquency case.

What Happens If My Child Is Tried in Juvenile Court?

The primary objective of juvenile courts is to ensure that a minor can rejoin their community.

In most cases, the Court will issue a judgment sentencing the minor to probation. If the minor carries out the terms of their probation agreement, such as completing any necessary community service and paying any necessary fines, the Court will terminate the case, and the minor can rejoin their community.

However, suppose a minor commits a serious crime or refuses to comply with their probation terms. In that case, the Court may order them to be committed to the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA).

Depending on the circumstances of the case, OYA professionals often enforces one of the following arrangements for juvenile delinquents and adults convicted of a crime while still a minor:

  • A stricter probation agreement;
  • Admittance to a foster care home if their current residence is unstable or they lack a home. Assignment to a proctor care home can help juveniles get the rehabilitation they need. If a proctor home is unavailable, OYA may consult with DHS to gain additional resources for the child;
  • Admittance into residential treatment with peers, either in a facility or a house monitored by proctors;
  • Admittance into independent treatment, often in a facility.

Depending on the severity of the case, the minor's life may change substantially depending on the judgment against them. For example, many minors who are admitted to a foster care home or residential treatment facility can still attend school, visit their home, and attend family treatments while rehabilitating; however, that may be more difficult for an individual admitted into an independent living facility if they represent a risk to themself or the community.

Some juvenile delinquency cases can proceed differently depending on the details of the crime. For example, adults arrested for an offense they committed as a minor and sentenced while a minor may first spend time in a youth correctional facility before being transferred into a program at a Department of Corrections (DOC) facility.

At Landerholm Family Law, we know just how daunting it can be to have a child involved in a juvenile delinquency case. We'll work with you to defend your child's rights and ensure they pursue an outcome that supports their best interests.

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