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Dissolution of Domestic Partnership in Oregon

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Since February 2008, same-sex couples have entered domestic partnerships in Oregon. Then, same-sex couples could marry in Oregon in May 2014 and the U.S. Supreme Court eventually legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country in June 2015.

However, state law prohibits anyone from entering into a marriage until they dissolve the domestic partnership. The reason is to prevent a person from entering a new marriage while also having a domestic partnership.

Whether you want to split from your partner or get married, if you are interested in dissolving your domestic partnership, Landerholm Family Law can help. Our Salem legal team provides each of our clients with compassionate and personalized legal solutions, which means you won’t be treated like just another case number. Let us help you start a new chapter in life.

How Dissolving a Registered Domestic Partnership Works

In Oregon, LGBTQ couples who have entered into a domestic partnership possess the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. A domestic partnership needs to be dissolved by a judge before either party can enter into a marriage or another domestic partnership.

The following are the common issues regarding the dissolution of a domestic partnership:

One of the parties in the domestic partnership must file a petition in the county they currently reside or where they last resided (if neither party no longer lives in Oregon). However, domestic partners do not have the same right as divorcing couples under federal law, which means there are obstacles when dividing retirement accounts and consequences regarding federal taxes.

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