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Few things are as draining and heartbreaking as divorce when there are children involved. Not only is this a monumental emotional upheaval, it often brings out the worst in people when it comes to their finances. Even if your ex-spouse is as amicable can be, the divorce process can irritate and expel harbored feelings of resentment, bitterness, and anger between 2 people who once loved each other. Combating these complications is essential to ensure you and your children’s future is secure, and our Salem child and spousal support attorneys of Landerholm Family Law can help.

Oregon Law & Child Support

Child support and custody are separate issues in the eyes of the law, as calculating accurate child support is entirely dependent on the income earned by both parents. Paying support is a legal requirement for all parents, even if the payment calculation is not standard.

Under What Circumstances Is Spousal Support Awarded?

Financially arranging your future is a challenge regardless if you are the spouse in need of assistance or the spouse expected to provide it. Those eligible for spousal support can request monetary assistance depending on very specific conditions. Those requesting support may do so if they earn less than their ex, require additional funds for the children, or have spent significant time as a homemaker or medical caretaker in the household.

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