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Modifying Custody, Support and Parenting Time: What to Do When Your Decree Needs to be Changed

Wednesday, April 28th @ 12pm PST

Speakers: Will Jones and Steve Altishin

Will Jones
Steve Altishin

Join us as our Partner, Will Jones, answers frequently asked questions surrounding modification cases, such as when, where, why and how to modify your divorce decree. You’ll be able to interact with and ask Will any questions that you may have in real time at the end of the webinar—you won’t want to miss it!

During this webinar, Triston is going to be discussing:

  1. When, Where, Why & How to Modify Your Divorce Decree
  2. Modifying custody, support and parenting time; what are the differences?
  3. The difference between modifying parenting time and deviating from it.
  4. What is a “substantial change in circumstances” and how do you prove it happened?
  5. How long can it take to modify a divorce decree (and does it matter if the change is about support or parenting time)?
  6. What happens if both parties can agree to a change?
  7. …and much more!

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The Inner Workings of Child Welfare Cases: What to Do When CPS Gets Involved

Wednesday, May 26th @ 12pm PST

Speakers: Attorney, Amy Hall, and Director of Client Partnerships, Steve Altishin

Amy Hall
Steve Altishin
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