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Focusing on The Kids: Understanding Custody Rules & Tips for Navigating High-Conflict Custody Cases

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January 22nd @ 12:00pm PST

Speakers: Will Jones and Steve Altishin

Join Steve Altishin and Will Jones as they discuss child custody rules and tips for navigating high-conflict custody cases.

During this webinar, We will be discussing the following topics:

  • Child Custody Laws and How Custody is Decided
  • Sole Custody, Joint Custody and How the Parental Decisions are Made
  • Understanding what Custody Is and What Custody Isn’t
  • Whose Opinions Matter in a Child Custody Case
  • Dealing with a High-Conflict Spouse during a Custody Dispute
  • The Role of Mediation, Parenting Coordinators, Custody Studies and Guardians ad Litem in Child Custody Disputes

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