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Surrogacy is a beautiful gesture, as it offers people an opportunity to expand their family when they may not have been able to. Thanks to such incredible advances in science and medicine, surrogacy is now more mainstream than ever. Despite this rise in surrogacy births, Oregon laws have not kept pace. For this reason, your relationship with your surrogate, including all your responsibilities, and hers, is fully defined through an extensive surrogacy contract. If you and your family are considering surrogacy, it is vital you enlist in the help of a Portland surrogacy law attorney who you can trust, and who has experience with the surrogacy process in Oregon, such as ours at Landerholm Family Law. We offer caring, professional, and compassionate legal services to you and your family during this undoubtedly emotional time.

Even uncomplicated surrogacy pregnancies involve several necessary and complex contracts. Our legal team will help you by drafting your surrogacy, egg, sperm, and embryo donation contracts to ensure the entire procedure of creating your child goes as smoothly as possible. Prior to your child’s arrival, we will also draft, execute and file all necessary legal pleadings, including the judgment confirming your parentage. Protecting you and your family’s interests is our top priority at Landerholm Family Law, and we seek to do so in a timely manner--so you can move forward and progress with peace of mind.

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