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When a person becomes incapacitated or unable to care or make decisions for themselves, the court can decide to appoint a guardian or conservator to step in. At Landerholm Family Law, our attorneys can help you seek either of these legal actions. We are dedicated to providing skilled legal services to all our clients and treat every case with equal importance.

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Guardianship refers to the court-ordered responsibility given to a person to care for the mental and physical well-being of an individual who is unable to do so for themselves. Once appointed, a guardian has authority to make medical decisions on behalf of the individual, and are trusted to make these decision in the best-interest of the protected person. The attorneys at Landerholm Family Law will guide you through this legal process and help you obtain the results you seek.


Conservatorship refers to the court-ordered responsibility given to a person to make financial and legal decisions on behalf of an individual who is unable to do so for themselves due to physical or mental impairments. Responsibilities of conservator range from taking inventory of assets, making legal decisions and working with attorneys to handle the protected person’s affairs, paying bills and taxes, and depositing checks. Conservatorship can be grated on temporary, permanent or limited basis, and requires the assigned individual to report detailed inventory and accounts to the courts to ensure that the protected person’s assets are being handled ethically and in their best interest.

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Landerholm Family Law understands how important matters involving guardians and conservators are for an individual and their family, and we are here to help you. If you would like to discuss this topic further, contact our office today at (888) 981-9511 or contact us online.

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