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Self-Employed Business Owner Divorce in Oregon

Our Portland Lawyers Help You Protect Your Business in Divorce

Our team at Landerholm Family Law represents business owners in divorce. We can help you protect your business. We understand the challenges presented in these cases. Divorce is always complex, but unique assets including businesses can make it even more challenging. Our team is here for you.

Our firm can assist all individuals involved in self-employed divorce, including:

  • Spouse of a self-employed individual
  • Self-employed spouse
  • Spouses who are own and run a business together

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    How Can I Prepare for Property Division in Divorce as a Business Owner?

    One of your first steps should be to get organized. The more organized you are, the better the process will be. You should also call an attorney early on. Here at Landerholm Family Law our team can help ensure that everything is going smoothly and we can answer any questions you may have about the process. The sooner you ask us to jump on your case, the better!

    Our firm has been serving residents of Portland for years. We are dedicated, experienced, and caring. We put clients first and ensure that they feel heard. Our firm focuses on both the emotional and legal sides of your case. We understand how confusing and complicated a divorce can be for business owners. Our goal is to protect your interests throughout this process.

    Business Valuation in an Oregon Divorce

    Every state has different laws when it comes to divorce and matters such as property division. Oregon is an equitable distribution state. This means that the property subject to division does not have to be divided equally, but it should be divided fairly. If spouses cannot come to an agreement out of court, the court will determine a fair property division.

    In order to divide all aspects of your estate properly, that property must be assigned a correct value. Some aspects of your estate will be relatively simple to value, such as your bank accounts, your home, and your vehicle or vehicles. However, other aspects of your estate will be less straightforward-including your business if you are self-employed. When business owners divorce in Oregon, the business must be valuated as part of the property division process. Examining all aspects of a business is necessary for a proper valuation.

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    You can rely on our team for excellence in business valuation along with all other aspects of property division in Oregon. We are proud of our standards for thoroughness and our ability to achieve results for our clients.

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