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Property division paperworkNegotiating the pivotal decisions surrounding property division during a divorce can create tremendous challenges and stress for everyone involved. You may be understandably concerned about the house, car, retirement accounts and other major investments, as well as those things that carry enormous sentimental value.

The questions that must be answered are how to divide everything equitably, when to fight and when to let go. As an exclusive family law firm experienced in divorce and property division, our team at Landerholm Family Law can provide the counsel and advocacy you need.

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How Is Property Divided in an Oregon Divorce?

In Oregon, there are marital property and marital assets. Property acquired during the marriage is considered a marital asset. All other property is considered marital property. This is important because the general presumption is that marital assets are split 50 / 50 whereas marital property may or may not be split at all. Oregon is a fair and equitable state and there are few hard and fast rules. Judges have a lot of leeway and flexibility in making property awards.

Because there is so much room for interpretation, it is vital that you have an experienced lawyer to protect your interests by presenting solid arguments before the judge. That's why Landerholm Family Law should be your first call. Our team follows through with dedicated advocacy and helpful counsel. We have experience successfully representing our clients' marital property interests in court, and we are here to help.

Dividing Marital Assets

Ask our firm about marital property division in Oregon, including:

  • Temporary property division - It is a common misconception that nothing will change with the property until the divorce is finalized. In actuality, it is possible to get temporary orders for things like exclusive use of the home and payment of secured debts. This often helps to provide some financial relief during the divorce process.
  • Negotiating a settlement - The best agreements are frequently arranged between the parties. When a couple is able to negotiate a settlement outside of the courtroom, the process is greatly simplified and the total legal costs are often reduced. Most importantly, a judge does not make the decisions; you do. As experienced family law attorneys, we regularly negotiate with other attorneys and unrepresented parties to reach an agreement without litigation or court involvement.

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