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Mothers' Rights Attorney in Portland, OR

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Being a single parent is not easy. Sometimes the costs of maintaining a home and supporting a child can become overwhelming. We truly understand how important it is to provide for your children. Your goals are our priority. Call Landerholm Family Law for a consultation with our elite team of attorneys. We focus completely on family law and provide experienced advocacy for our clients when they are going through divorce.

Child Support & Custody / Parenting Time in Oregon

When child support is being established as part of a divorce, it may be possible to get immediate financial relief through temporary court orders for both custody and support:

  • Child support - All child support cases require proof of paternity. Many people mistakenly believe that naming the father on the birth certificate is sufficient. This is not always accurate. If you never married the father of the child, you may have to meet other requirements before paternity is legally established.
  • Child custody / parenting time - During a divorce or paternity suit, the courts will examine both child support and child custody arrangements. Once paternity is established, the father has the legal right to request custody or parenting time. In Oregon, mediation is required in most child custody cases, whether or not the parents were married.

Protecting Mothers' Rights

There is no replacement for effective and accurate legal guidance from an experienced Portland mothers' rights lawyer. If the father is not willing to participate in establishing paternity or paying court-ordered child support, we can begin the legal process necessary to hold him to his responsibilities. If child custody and support agreements cannot be reached through mediation or negotiation with opposing counsel, we are here to defend and enforce your rights in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Trusted Parental Rights Attorney for Efficient Results

Our office is conveniently located 10 minutes from Portland, Oregon. We offer full representation to clients throughout the greater Portland area. Our team is passionate about parental rights and we're here to protect you and your children during this time, lending whatever aid and advocacy you need.

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