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Military Divorce Attorneys in Oregon

Helping Military Families in Oregon Navigate the Complexities of Divorce

Military member getting divorcedWhile any divorce is a challenge, military divorces often present unique difficulties that can interrupt and complicate the process. These issues are not simply annoying hindrances; they are necessary to address before either party can expect to reach a successful resolution. Common factors such as spousal maintenance and child custody are inevitably more complicated in a military divorce, especially when one spouse is overseas or in another state. You will need to enlist the help of an experienced military divorce lawyer in Oregon to help you navigate these unique challenges and complexities with ease.

Understanding the Unique Challenges of Military Divorce

  • Where the divorce is filed – You and your spouse will need to come to an understanding about which state to file the divorce in. You can file for divorce in the state of either party’s permanent residence. Keep in mind that each state handles the division of military pensions differently within the bounds of federal law. Additionally, military members serving abroad can face unique challenges in initiating a case, as well as finding an appropriate forum to have their case heard.
  • Child support and visitation – Visitation is obviously a challenge when one parent is deployed overseas or living in another state. Putting these terms down on paper and figuring out a healthy balance between both parents is vital. Finding the right solution will ultimately depend on the situation and couple at hand. And, like everyone else, military members are required to support their children financially. Failure to provide support will lead to severe consequences.
  • Military benefits and retirement - Generally, most forms of military retirement are divisible, although the calculation and amount of division can be drastically different than many common retirement accounts. Married servicemembers with dependents are often entitled to additional pay in order to provide support for their children and ex-spouse. Survivor benefits may also be available to a former spouse. All of these factors will need to be considered carefully.

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