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High asset divorceThe divorce process can be seen as different legal procedures, among which involves the division of marital assets. When a couple has acquired substantial property or high-value assets, legal proceedings involving property division often become an intensely contested aspect of the divorce. If you accumulated significant wealth and property during your marriage and are considering divorce in Portland, you should consult a high asset divorce attorney.

At Landerholm Family Law, we have years of experience negotiating and litigating various family law issues, including high asset divorces. You can rely on our legal team to provide compassionate legal advice and advocacy for your high-asset divorce. Our unique approach to legal representation focuses on building strong, lasting relationships with clients so we can provide you with consistent and effective legal advice.

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The Complexities of High Asset Divorce

Issues involving property division depend on state law. There are two systems of dividing property upon divorce in the United States: equitable distribution and community property. Oregon uses principles of equitable distribution when dividing property for divorces filed with its courts. In contrast, Washington adheres to the community property system of property division.

Under Oregon’s equitable distribution system of property division, all property acquired during the parties’ marriage is considered to be marital property that is subject to an equitable division between the parties upon divorce. An “equitable division” of assets does not necessarily mean an “equal” division. Instead courts look at certain factors to determine how to fairly divide marital property between spouses.

At Landerholm Family Law, we can help you with issues associated with high asset divorces, including:

  • Valuing business interests
  • Tracing assets to marital or nonmarital sources
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) for retirement plans
  • Finding hidden assets
  • Dividing real estate

Let Our High Asset Divorce Lawyers in Portland Assist You

When a couple dissolves their marriage, issues of property division may demand significant attention from the parties, especially where high-value assets are involved. To make sure your property rights are respected during divorce proceedings, you should contact an experienced Portland high asset divorce attorney for legal advice. At Landerholm Family Law, you can rely on our dedicated attorneys to help preserve your ownership rights to property and assets upon divorce. We provide personalized legal representation that focuses on the unique circumstances of your case so you can rest assured that your specific needs and goals are properly considered.

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