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Family Law Enforcement Attorneys in Portland

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Many different types of challenges can arise after a divorce or custody determination. In some instances, resolving those challenges requires involvement from an attorney. Our team at Landerholm Family Law can assist you in enforcing divorce orders. We're here to protect your rights using effective legal methods.

You can turn to our law firm for guidance if you need assistance in enforcing:

Landerholm Family Law serves clients throughout Oregon. We provide our clients with representation marked by integrity, service and experience in Oregon family law. Our entire legal team is experienced in family law matters and understands the unique challenges that families face.

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Enforcing Child Custody & Parenting Plans

Parenting plans and custody arrangements are enforceable by the courts. If there are violations, we can file a motion for contempt or enforcement with the court. Oregon law provides for rapid relief for violations of parenting time. It is particularly important you work with an attorney for this process. The lawyers at our firm can take swift action in investigating the situation and make certain that your children's best interests are kept in the foreground. Doing things the right way will pay off in the long run for you and your children in this situation.

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If you are unable to provide for yourself or your family because you are not receiving court-ordered payments, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel to assert your rights. While in many instances support payment matters are handled with normal collection procedures, our firm is happy to assist with issues involving back payments for both child support and spousal support. You and your family deserve advocacy. We're here to fight for the support you are owed. Our Oregon office is located 10 minutes from downtown. We accept cases exclusively in family law.

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