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Dissolution Of Domestic Partnerships In Oregon

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The thought of going through a divorce can be particularly daunting. For same-sex couples, the legal issues involved in the dissolution of a domestic partnership are not significantly different than couples going through a divorce in Portland. Knowing that you must work with a lawyer to reach a resolution, it is important you choose an attorney who has a firm understanding of the legal issues involved in your case and will provide straightforward legal advice.

If you have questions about your domestic partnership dissolution in Oregon, we encourage you to speak with a Portland family lawyer at our firm. Our law firm is known as an accomplished and dedicated team with attorneys that offer straightforward legal advice for clients. Our firm is Landerholm Family Law, and we represent people in family law matters throughout Oregon.

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Working With a Domestic Partnership Attorney in the Portland Metro Area

The dissolution of a domestic partnership does not simply mean the end to a relationship; it can have a much greater impact on all parties involved. At Landerholm Family Law, you can be assured that your needs are taken care of and prioritized.

Our Portland family lawyers provide comprehensive legal guidance and assist with aspects such as:

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In Oregon, common law marriages and same-sex marriages are not recognized, unless the relationship was established in another state. This presents a unique set of legal issues that must be addressed by an experienced lawyer. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable of the issues involved in domestic partnerships and can provide straightforward legal advice for your questions. We know when to anticipate challenges, how to overcome them and skillfully negotiate with the other side.

We Put Your Needs First!

By taking a proactive and hands-on approach to reaching family law matters, our lawyers at Landerholm Family Law, have found how to best meet our clients' needs. At our firm, we emphasize resolution mechanisms such as negotiations and mediation; however, we are always prepared to take matters to court if necessary. You can count on our attorneys to provide guidance and advocacy at all times. Our office is located 10 minutes from downtown Portland.

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