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Portland Child Support Attorneys

Helping Parents Seek Fair Child Support in Portland

There are many emotionally charged issues surrounding divorce and the children of single parents. Child support matters are among the most stressful. These are legal areas where many people make the mistake of relying on information and advice from friends and family. This is a risk you may later regret. If you need a Portland child support attorney focused on identifying practical solutions, we encourage you to contact our firm.

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Child Support Laws in Oregon

Child support agreementChild support is a required state-ordered program. It is not optional. It does not affect your custody arrangements or your rights. The amount of support is ordered by the state is based on a standard calculation using the income earned by both parents.

Sometimes there are circumstances that a standard calculation can't take into account. The best time for a lawyer to negotiate for a modified support payment is during the first application. If you want to honor your responsibilities as a parent while protecting your financial interests, we are here to help.

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Establishing Paternity & Child Support

If you are trying to establish paternity for any reason, we are available to assist.

There are two primary reasons for legally establishing paternity:

  • Fathers - Many single noncustodial fathers struggle to establish and sustain a relationship with their children. The only way to guarantee access to your children is by legally establishing paternity and pursuing court orders clearly outlining child custody and parenting time. In most cases, the court will require mediation in a child custody case.
  • Mothers - For mothers who are struggling to support themselves and their children, using the court system to legally establish the father's identity and secure child support can help ease the financial burden.

Experienced Portland Child Support Lawyer

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