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Serving the Legal Interests of Oregon Residents

Are you concerned about a legal dispute that involves issues that do not revolve around Oregon family law? It is possible that you will face a legal issue that is primarily concerned with Oregon’s labor code, commercial or service contracts, bankruptcy, or other civil cases. This is particularly true for Oregon residents who are employed by a business or operate their own business.

All persons are subject to rules or regulations regarding civil, or federal bankruptcy matters. The consequences stemming from legal disputes related to these areas of law can be costly financially, legally, and personally. Fortunately, our Oregon attorneys at Landerholm Family Law offer a broad range of legal that can help you obtain an effective resolution to your legal dispute.

While our attorneys mainly specialize in family law issues and cases, you can count on us to also deliver effective legal counsel and representation if you have a question or concern regarding another area of practice. We bring the same tenacity and professionalism to these matters as we do our family law cases.

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You Deserve Comprehensive Legal Representation

At Landerholm Family Law, our experienced and educated lawyers have generally dedicated their legal practice to representing Oregon residents in legal matters arising under Oregon family law. However, many family law issues may overlap with other legal areas. As a result, our attorneys have experience with other areas of practice in addition to family law.

Our legal team has experience with the following legal issues or cases:

  • Employment Law: Oregon law recognizes certain rights for employees. At Landerholm Family Law, we offer legal advice and advocacy for employment law matters, including discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and violation of Oregon labor laws.
  • Contract Law: The law of contracts governs agreements that serve as the foundation of the country’s economy. Not only do private commercial business operations utilize contracts, but local, state and federal governments enter into contracts with private businesses and persons as well. Our legal team has experience handling a wide range of issues related to contracts, including negotiation, drafting, interpretation, and litigation.
  • Bankruptcy: In general, declaring bankruptcy is appropriate for persons who are suffering from financial hardship due to overwhelming debt. Bankruptcy offers legal relief to make sure people are not buried in debt and chained to satisfying their financial obligations. Our legal team can represent you in bankruptcy cases, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 proceedings.
  • Civil Matters: The civil justice system provides people with legal recourse in the event that another person has harmed their legal rights. If the law provides someone with a legal remedy or right of action in such cases, they can file a complaint, petition, or other legal action with the court. Our skilled attorneys are standing by to promote your legal rights when it comes to civil matters.

Effective Legal Solutions in Oregon

At Landerholm Family Law, we can appreciate the stress and confusion you might be experiencing when facing a legal issue. Whether you need advice regarding a family law matter—or an advocate for another civil case—our legal team strives to preserve your legal rights, promote your needs, and help you achieve your goals in a variety of legal issues. We have offices conveniently located throughout Oregon, including Portland, Salem, and Oregon City. You can rely on our team of experienced legal professionals to provide a compassionate and results-driven approach to representing you and your interests.

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