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A juvenile delinquency adjudication could have a lasting impact on your child's life, resulting in penalties as harsh as admittance to a youth correctional facility if they're found guilty of committing a crime as a minor.

At Landerholm Family Law, we know just how nerve-wracking juvenile delinquency cases can be for parents. We'll work tirelessly to defend you and your child's rights, helping you find the best path forward in your case.

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How Do Juvenile Delinquency Cases Work in Oregon?

If a minor is accused of committing a criminal offense, they may be involved in a juvenile delinquency case. In Oregon, each County has a separate juvenile department intake that minors can be referred to from various sources such as law enforcement, schools, parents, and child welfare agencies.

After a minor is admitted to a juvenile department intake, one of two things can happen:

  • In cases that involve a minor offense, the juvenile department may require the minor to sign an accountability agreement before reintroducing them into the community and resolving the case. The minor will be able to consult an attorney before deciding whether to move forward with signing the agreement.
  • In more serious cases, the juvenile department may submit a formal petition to a juvenile court asking the Court to adjudicate a judgment for the child.

In most cases, unless a minor commits a serious offense or represents a danger to themself or the community, juvenile courts administer a probate agreement that may involve penalties such as community service or fines. If the minor complies with the terms of their probate agreement, the Court can terminate the case.

However, if a minor commits a more serious offense, is a repeat offender, or fails to comply with their probate agreement, the Court may decide to commit the minor to the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA). Professionals at OYA have several options when choosing how to deal with a delinquent:

  • Implement a stricter probate agreement that's more readily enforced;
  • Admit the minor to foster care to provide them with a more stable living environment. Assigning a juvenile to a proctor care home can enable them to receive the help and rehabilitative treatments they need. Professionals at OYA sometimes work with the DHS to provide alternatives for proctor care home assignments;
  • Admit the child to residential treatment in a facility or home so they can rehabilitate with peers;
  • Admit the child to an independent living arrangement so they can be more closely monitored as they rehabilitate.

The freedoms a minor has in these arrangements depends on the circumstances of the case. For example, a minor in residential treatment may still be allowed to participate in school, extracurricular activities, family treatment services, and home visitations if OYA professionals determine that doing so would be beneficial. Independent living arrangement are typically more stringent, and are often reserved for individuals that OYA professionals determine are a danger to themselves or their communities.

In unique situations, such as when a minor commits a crime but is tried as an adult between the ages of 18 and 20, OYA may take additional measures, such as admitting them to a youth correctional facility and transitioning control of the case to the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODC) if necessary.

At Landerholm Family Law, our experienced Eugene juvenile delinquency lawyers understand just how stressful navigating a juvenile delinquency case can be for parents. We'll work with you to defend your child's rights in court, helping you pursue an ideal outcome in your case.

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