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High-Asset Divorce Attorney in Eugene

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High-asset divorces come with their own set of challenges because, by nature, there is much more at stake. Any divorce process can be problematic and complex, but high-asset divorces often involve a substantial amount of properties, possessions, legal contracts, investments, and other essential concerns that require special attention. Because of these additional needs, a high-asset divorce can be more expensive, time-consuming, and risky. If you or your spouse has a high number of assets and you are interested in pursuing a divorce, it is absolutely crucial to explore your legal options as soon as possible.

How Can Our Attorneys Help You?

Our experienced team at Landerholm Family Law can help guide you through each step of the divorce process, keeping your priorities at the forefront of our legal strategy. We understand how delicate these matters can be, and we want to make this process as simple and quick as possible so you can move on with your life without concerns or regrets. Our attorneys know what is at stake and we want to use our resources and knowledge to protect the assets that mean the most to you.

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Oregon Law & Property Division

Each state in the U.S. handles property division a bit differently, and in Oregon, we abide by equitable distribution. As a rule, equitable distribution dictates that assets will be divided in a way that is fair, though not necessarily “equal.” In other words, the court will assess the marital property and divide those assets between spouses in a way that is equitable, though it may not be 50/50, so to speak.

This aspect of the divorce process can be the most challenging, time-consuming phase, in part because it can be very challenging to get both parties to agree to the terms of the division. Likewise, with high-asset divorces, it is sometimes necessary to hire additional resources to find hidden assets, assess valuable properties and possessions, and value business interests.

If you are beginning a high-asset divorce, our firm can help with the following:

  • Designating assets as either marital or “separate” property
  • Handling Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) for retirement plans
  • Identifying assets hidden by the other party
  • Valuing high-value possessions, investments, business interests, properties, etc.

Legal Counsel When You Need It Most

The divorce process can be stressful, confusing, emotional, and completely overwhelming. Our firm understands the pressure you’re under, and we want to use our resources to make this process easier for you while protecting your interest and assets. If you need an attorney for your high-asset Eugene divorce, we’re here for you.

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