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Guiding Married Couples in Eugene Through the Divorce Process

Divorce can be an extraordinarily challenging experience for a person to endure. Not only does it mark the end of an important relationship, but it can impact each spouse’s legal and financial interests for years after the divorce takes place. To ensure the preservation of your legal rights and interest in a divorce case, you should retain the services of a divorce lawyer in Eugene.

At Landerholm Family Law, you can count on our experienced team of legal advocates and advisors to zealously fight for you and your family’s rights under Oregon family law.

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Valuable Legal Experience with Divorce Issues in Oregon

The divorce process can be complicated, as it is often comprised of numerous family law issues under one proceeding. That is why you need an experienced divorce lawyer in Eugene, OR to protect your interests.

Some of the most common features of a divorce will include:

  • Property division: When a couple gets divorced, they will no longer share ownership of the property they acquired when they were married. To figure out how marital property will be divided, couples must consider the legal aspects of property division. Our experienced divorce attorneys in Eugene, OR can advise you on relevant laws and requirements to help ensure your property rights are protected when your divorce is finalized.
  • Spousal support: In some marriages, the responsibility of securing the household income rests on one spouse more than the other. When the couple gets divorced, the non-working spouse may have spent years out of the workforce, putting them at a great disadvantage. This disparity can lead to financial hardships after the parties finalize the divorce and go their separate ways. The purpose of spousal support is to counteract the harms of such a financial disparity between the parties. Whether you seek spousal support or are contesting your former spouse’s request for support, our legal team can advocate for your interests.
  • Child custody: When the parents of a minor child get divorced, they must organize their time, rights, and responsibilities as parents because they will no longer live together. Under Oregon law, courts must resolve issues concerning the custody of minor children upon divorce by considering factors relevant to the children’s best interest. Our Eugene divorce attorneys have years of experience helping clients protect their parental rights and preserve their relationships with their children.
  • Child support: According to Oregon Law, parents are legally obligated to provide their children with financial support so that their basic needs—such as food, shelter, and medical care—are secured. This duty serves as the basis for child support orders in divorce cases. The outcome of a child support dispute can significantly impact a parent’s life for years after the conclusion of divorce proceedings. We can help you navigate the challenges of litigating child support issues under Oregon Law.
  • High-Asset divorce: Divorce cases can involve significant financial issues—such as the division of marital property and the provision of child or spousal support. When a marriage involves high-value assets and valuable property, ineffective negotiation can cost a party thousands of dollars in asset or property value. At Landerholm Family Law, our divorce lawyers in Eugene, OR have years of experience dealing with the unique challenges associated with high-asset divorce, and we can help you too.
  • Mediation: Divorce cases typically involve some disruptive conflict that leads a couple to ultimately end their marriage. Unfortunately, the adversarial nature of the American Justice system can potentially jeopardize an already delicate relationship by pitting spouses against each other in a legal contest. To minimize the risk of exacerbating the conflict, parties can benefit from the more informal mediation process. This process can save the parties thousands of dollars in legal costs. Our lawyers at Landerholm Family Law can advise you throughout the mediation process, guiding negotiations so you don’t have to worry about the security of your rights and legal interests.

You Deserve Quality Advocacy from a Divorce Attorney in Eugene

At Landerholm Family Law, we provide compassionate legal representation when it comes to litigating or negotiating important issues in a divorce case. This approach emphasizes the development of a strong work relationship based on trust and openness.

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