Landerholm Family Law Is a Proud Sponsor of PDX Parent

At Landerholm Family Law, we know how important it is for our firm to remain a fixture in the communities we serve. That's why this holiday season, we decided to sponsor content from PDX Parent.

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What Is PDX Parent?

PDX Parent is a publication run by pediatricians located in the Portland, Oregon area. From reviews of local attractions to parenting tips for inexperienced and veteran caregivers alike, PDX Parent is a fantastic one-stop-shop for parents to help their children live the best lives possible.

Recently, we sponsored a post on PDX Parent detailing various charitable organizations that individuals can donate to. These charities provide various resources, including school computers, life skills workshops, and arts programs, to help children in need experience new opportunities throughout the holiday season.

At Landerholm Family Law, we couldn't be happier to help sponsor publications and organizations like PDX Parent. As a family law firm, we understand the challenges parents across Washington and Oregon face on a daily basis. We've always made an effort to shine a spotlight on organizations and publications dedicated to helping families, and our sponsorship of PDX Parent is no different.

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