Portland, Oregon Divorce Attorney: Protect Yourself before Filing for Divorce - Part 2

From my experience as a Portland, Oregon divorce attorney, I know that many of my clients find preparing to file for divorce nerve-wracking. Below are a few more tips for how you can protect yourself, but be sure to check out part 1 as well.

Organize and protect important documents and possessions. This means listing any and all valuables — artwork, jewelry, safety deposit box contents — knowing the value of all of your assets and accounts, having vital documents like tax returns, account statements, bills, Wills, trusts, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and jotting down social security numbers and drivers license numbers.

Get a CPA recommendation from your divorce attorney. Maybe you didn’t need an accountant in the past, but you do now. They can talk you through the tax implications of divorce.

Journal everything. Evidence is critical to support your case. Record your interactions with your spouse and children — especially how anything your spouse did negatively impacted the children. This may seem petty, but a┬ádivorce attorney will tell you how valuable it can be if custody becomes an issue.

Plan for your own future. If your spouse was the primary source of income in your home, you might want to look for a job or consider going back to school. Not only will this help you provide for yourself, if you have children, it will show that you can support them.

Think long and hard before you move out. Leaving your home can negatively impact your custody chances if it comes down to a fight with your spouse, so make sure if you do move out that you find a place that your children can live comfortably. On the flip side, absolutely do not let your spouse move out and take the kids.

Go to counseling. And have the kids see counselors too. Not only is this good for everyone’s mental health when going through a stressful time like this, it’s a good strategic move to show that you care for your children’s welfare.

Get to know divorce law. A good divorce lawyer will make sure that you know as much as possible to help your case and make the divorce run as smoothly as possible. Another reason hiring an experienced divorce attorney should be number one on your list. Contact us today!